THE RENTER is directly responsible for the vehicle rented as well as the damages he/she could cause to THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY, even though he/she chose to accept any of the coverage or benefits described in the attached list, if he/she fails to comply with some of the clauses, terms, and conditions established in the rental agreement.

Partial benefit for damages caused to the vehicle rented by Thrifty Car Rental owned by Inter Marketing Inc. and third party damages. It limits to a minimum of $2,000 (Two thousand U.S. Dollars) the client's liability for some damages or total theft of the rental car and up to $20,000 (Twenty thousand U.S. Dollars) in possible damages to third parties, as long as THE RENTER complies with all the rules and conditions of the rental contract, including certain restrictions or prohibitions that could invalidate the benefits of this coverage. The CDW does not cover hit and run, collision with fixed object, or rollover. Any renter who wishes to decline the CDW because they wish to use credit card coverage is subject to accepting the TPL.

Protects THE RENTER and any driver authorized and registered in the agreement, with a maximum protection of $1,000,000 (One Million US Dollars), the only combined limit per accident, against a civil liability lawsuit from third parties that result from the operation of the vehicle for personal damages or death or another person (Excluding any member who travels in the rental vehicle and any member of the family by blood, marriage, or adoption who live with THE RENTER or the Authorized Driver, or with them); and damages to property, not including the vehicle of the property of THE RENTER or the Authorized Driver, as long as THE RENTER complies with all the rules and conditions of the Rental Agreement, including certain restrictions or Prohibitions that could invalidate the benefits of this coverage. By accepting this protection, THE RENTER accepts to pay Thrifty and/or Inter Marketing, Inc., the total amount for the losses and/or losses that include and are not limited to the cost of the vehicle stolen or lost. The market price of all the repairs, labor and parts, as well as the expenses in cash for the car repair, including and not limited to the administrative costs, loss of usage of the car, estimates, tow services, and storage.

The PDW extends the collision Damage Waiver (CDW), leading to be $0.00 responsibility for some damage or total theft of the rental car as long as the lessee complies with all rules and conditions of the lease, including certain restrictions or prohibitions could void the benefits of PDW. The PDW coverage does NOT include damages by collision with a fixed objects, animals, roll over, hit and run

Beneficio por daños causados al vehículo de Thrifty Car Rental llevando a $0.00 la responsabilidad DEL ARRENDATARIO por daños ocasionados con otro vehículo en movimiento o robo total NO parcial (piezas ni accesorios) del auto de alquiler siempre y cuando el arrendatario cumpla con todas las reglas, condiciones y cláusulas del contrato de arrendamiento, incluyendo ciertas restricciones o prohibiciones que podrían invalidar los beneficios de esta cobertura. El LDW Incluye cobertura de daños a terceros y responsabilidad civil hasta $20,000. El LDW también cubre llantas y parabrisas por astilladura siempre y cuando estos daños no hayan sido ocasionados por vandalismo. Esta cobertura sí cubre daños ocasionados con objeto fijo, animales, volcamientos colisión y fuga con un deducible de $1,000 (más ITBMS) en los sedanes y de $2,000 (más ITBMS) en categoría SUV y de trabajo. El LDW no cubre daños ocasionados por fuerza mayor. Cualquier arrendatario que no adquiera el LDW es responsable por cualquier y todos los daños causados al vehículo en alquiler sin tener en cuenta culpabilidad. Todo arrendatario que tenga una reservación pre pagada y que ya incluya la cobertura parcial de daños por colisión (CDW) puede optar por el beneficio de exoneración de deducible (DDW) para llevar la responsabilidad del arrendatario a $0.00.

This protection package includes all the benefits of the Loss and Damage Waiver (LDW), and the third party civil liability (TPL). Also, this package offers personal protection coverage to THE RENTER in the following scenarios:
Total accidental death of $50,000.00 for the main driver and $25,000.00 for the passenger.
Total disability and total permanent disability of $50,000.00 for the main driver and $25,000.00 for the passenger.
For funeral expenses $2,000 for the driver and $1,000 for the passenger.
For medical expenses (reimbursable) $5,000.00 for the main driver and $3,000.00 for the passenger. 
The benefits mentioned will only be valid in case of an accident with the rental vehicle.

This coverage offers THE RENTER the following emergency road assistance benefits without charge: Loss of the car key, services and legal representation in case of an accident with the rented vehicle, tow services, tire replacement, assistance when running out of gas or battery breaks. The response time of THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY is subject to the day, time, and location of the incident.

This coverage exonerates the customer referred by the insurance company to pay the deductible maintained with the same for some damages or total theft of the rented car. With the CDA – CDA PLUS coverage, the rented car is covered for up to $2,000 in damages. It is valid in all the categories of vehicles and regardless of the type of casualty, such as: collision with a fixed object, collision and overturn, hit and run, deductible for total theft (not partial), tires and front and back windshields. THE RENTER is responsible to inform THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY in case of an accident, within the first 12 hours after its occurrence, providing evidence with the stub from the police report or the penal report, and filling out the accident report. In case of an extension of the rental benefit with the insurance company, this benefit will remain valid.

In case that THE RENTER maintains the rented car, after the expiration of the time that was granted by the insurance company, THE RENTER will be responsible for all the charges for the additional days used. These charges include: regular rate, collision damage waiver (CDW), and optional insurance coverage (CDA) in case it was taken.